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From the secret training recipe that goes into creating a Diamond Fighter, to their Promoter who happens to be a female (one of the few in the world), that sizzle heard we now know to be Diamond World Fights (DWF), the unique and exciting option in the existing MMA and combative sports arena.

According to DWF reports, matchmakers, trainers and fighters from around the globe have already been contacting the organization to sign on even before the first event was held.  “That’s encouraging and powerful,” organization CEO and Promoter Gail Stallings Minor commented.  “We are building a quality brand that promotes the athleticism of combative sports. We are intent on growing strong, skilled, disciplined athletes who are the best in the art of the sport.  We believe the more skilled you are in the craft and the more prepared you are in fitness makes for the strongest combatant.”

The organization was created at the prompting of fellow business associates following Gail’s involvement with a national boxing event.  After some coaxing, she agreed to use her business and marketing background along with her fund and resource procurement expertise to put together a MMA Fight organization.   A year later came the development of Diamond World Fights.

Today the organization has an amazing team of professionals that make it the gem is has become.




Gail Stallings Minor is a former TV reporter and Talk Show host who abandoned the news industry to take on a Government Public Relations Position.  From 1989 until 2014, Gail served as the Chief of Community Relations and spokesperson for the State of Delaware Department of Correction.  Simultaneously she worked for many years as an adjunct professor for Wilmington University teaching a variety of Communications Courses.

Gail launched an independent P.R. firm that evolved into a Public Relations, Grant Writing and Resource Procurement Firm shortly after retiring from government employment.  Her success in funds procurement garnered her an opportunity to work for a Boxing Promoter where she learned a lot and made a number of friends in the combat sports world. Gail still runs the firm, Stallings Minor & Associates, with her son Wali Minor.

Gail has coordinated many major events throughout her career life.  That includes her responsibility of securing and negotiating contracts for more than 100 performers for Wilmington, Delaware’s inaugural year of “First Night Wilmington”.  She has planned the activities for a major tent at Point to Point (Delaware version of the Kentucky Derby).  This names only a few of her projects.


Wali A.P. Minor is the Director of Business and Logistics. While young, he has been active in both Stallings Minor & Associate and Diamond World fights since their inception. Wali has worked assisting several industry rock stars including Roy Jones Jr. during his 2017 Fight against

Bobby Gunn.




Dwayne-Adams-Diamond-World-FightsABOUT DWAYNE ADAMS

On July 19, 1998 his life was almost taken by a stray bullet that entered his left eye and was lodged behind his right eye. This incident left him with only one eye with partial sight in his right eye and no sense of smell. This terrible accident was done by some youth in a rival drug shootout, which had Dwayne in the hospital for one month. After being released from the hospital Dwayne was sent to rehab to assist him with using a white cane, working on the computer, cooking without injuring himself, doing this time he was introduce to the sport of rowing. Nine months after being released from the hospital, Dwayne took second place in his first rowing event a non-traditional sport for African Americans. In the years to follow he would win 30-40 races taking first place in most of the races. During this time, Mr. Adams also went back to school.

His mission is to help all youth to: improve their academic work habits, gain respect for themselves and others, assist with the prevention of obesity and diabetes, to develop discipline, teamwork and self-motivation. Dwayne wants the youth to know that their are alternatives available to them, and plans to accomplish his goals with the growth of Breaking Barriers. He counts it as a blessing that a few youth could have taken his life away but instead he has survived and became more driven, motivated, and respected by the community.

Mr. Adams plans to open “The Breaking Barriers Fitness Center” nationally, for all activities where our youth, adults. senior citizen and athletes comes try our Rowing and BB Fit training methods.  Breaking Barriers, BB Fit training and the sport of rowing can expose community to a whole new world and set a new course for life.

Diamond World Fights is devoted to promoting high-quality, authentic, professional MMA, Boxing and Wrestling Events worldwide. We seek out under-rated and rising Combat Sports professionals and give them and their talent the spotlight.

We Uncover Hidden Diamonds

Stallings Minor & Associates are the parent company of Diamond World Fights and to learn more send an email to: diamondworldfights@gmail.com